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      1. 学术信息

        【航宇大讲堂】Inside Nature journals


        题目:Inside Nature journals

        报告人:Dr. Xin Li(Senior editor, Nature Materials)





        This talk will give an overview of Nature journals and the editorial process involved in publishing. The discussions will especially include what editors do, what they look for, and how they make decisions, together with some practical tips for writing and submitting a paper to a Nature journal.


        Xin Li received her first degree in materials science and engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. She completed her PhD jointly at Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Lorraine, studying epitaxy growth and optoelectronic applications of wide bandgap semiconductors. She continued to work in the Georgia Tech-CNRS UMI as a postdoctoral researcher, and expanded her interests to 2D materials, nanostructures and flexible devices. At Nature Materials, which she joined in April 2017, Xin handles manuscripts in the areas of structural materials, mechanical properties, nanomaterials synthesis and electronics. Xin is based in the Shanghai office.